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Dear readers,

welcome to our online annual report, which showcases the highlights of period 2017/2018 - our 15th year of existence. Being a strong network of outstanding individuals, it is challenging to constantly improve. Yet, this year has been undoubtedly one of the strongest JA Alumni Europe has ever experienced - both internally and externally.

Internally, we clarified our vision and built a strategy which will help us to make our long term goals happen. We deeply focused on our “customers” - members - by exploring their wants and needs, we aimed to understand them better and leverage this knowledge in order to provide our member base with even better value. 

Looking at our network from outside, we have expanded into several new countries, organised numerous events and created thousands of hours of meaningful content for our members, so they could be even better. We are super proud that we are getting more and more interconnected with JA on national level; the strong presence of JA representatives at our main events is just one example of this. 

Furthermore, we play a key role in establishing JA Alumni networks worldwide. JA is turning 100 years in 2019 and we privileged to host the first global JA Alumni conference ever, which will bring together hundreds of JA alumni from all the JA regions. In order to foster the network as a whole, we are cooperation with JA worldwide on bringing Gather to life.

In September, my four-year long wonderful journey with the European Board ends, however my JA story does not end here - I will pursuit new challenges as part of the JA Worldwide team. Nevertheless, the network will be managed by an exceptional leader - Donald Aebi from Switzerland, who is breaking the period of eight years, when the network has been managed by women leaders. He has a great team, and together they are more than able to boost the entire network!

On behalf of the European Board

Sarah Rapp



About JA Europe

JA Europe is the largest non-profit in Europe dedicated to preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship. JA Europe is a member of JA Worldwide® which for 100 years has delivered hands on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy. JA creates pathways for employability, job creation and financial success. JA Alumni Europe is the official network of former JA students in Europe.

Each year, the JA network in Europe reaches more than 3.6 million young people across 40 countries with the support of 150,000 business volunteers and 115,000 teachers/educators.

The pillars guiding us, enabling sustainability across board periods.


We want to unite all former JA Programme participants across Europe, creating a network of outstanding individuals and enabling these to develop themselves.


Our mission is to provide former JA programme participants with further experience and opportunities, encourage them to strengthen their passion for entrepreneurship and build international networks of like-minded people.

  1. We respect and show our empathy towards others
  2. We are passionate in entrepreneurship and confident about our future
  3. We believe in the power of teamwork, being open-minded and knowledge sharing
  4. We are responsible leaders, committed and dedicated to achieve our goals
  5. We never stop learning, always curious and challenging ourselves to foster our personal development
  6. We are JA ambassadors and know the importance of entrepreneurial education



  • Enable JA offices and organizations to start-up an Alumni network
  • Increase recruitment of current and former, more senior JA Programme participants


  • Extend the ways we unite our members offline
  • Extend the ways we unite our members online


  • Clarify the value of being a member
  • Increase the value of being a member
  • Promote the value of being a member


  • No growth without quality
  • No unification without collaboration
  • No development without structure

It's more than just voluntary work, it's about being part of a family.

Sarah Rapp, President

"I could never imagine taking over such a big responsibility and working with so many different cultures and people. And now it just feels so natural to come to the event like we know each other, to walk on stage and talk about the first experience, but also give a workshop for others."

Matej Kaposvary, Vice-President

"If you are thinking whether to join European Board or not and if you maybe think that it's a bit scary or challenging, let's go and do it because I think we should do things we are a bit afraid about."

Donald Aebi, Communications Manager

"The interaction with European Board always helped me a lot. Every national coordinator meeting it was nice to see the others, it was a good exchange of knowledge and you also make friends there."

Love Dager, Events Manager

"It's not usual that someone in our age can work with events all over the whole continent and it's pretty cool that you get an experience like this."

Tereza Spišáková, development Manager

"It's really interesting that as European Board member you are able to touch topics you couldn't as youth employee in a large company. In this network, you are working on really huge topics like setting up the vision or creating the new strategy."

Mikkel Karulf, Growth Manager

"As a growth manager I had to try to understand the different countries with different status and cultural problems, which taught me a lot."


Emilie Bærulfsen, Operations Manager

"Being in the European Board is really something special. In the way of experiencing all the different facets of working in a business and not only focusing on one topic. It's an experience where you are constantly learning new things as well as meeting many nice new acquaintances."


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Communications Team

JA Alumni organizations are a win-win situation for both members and JA.

JA Alumni Europe acts as an enabler, both for national JA alumni organizations and local JA offices, trying to provide and improve the skillset of growing and developing a network of former JA students. Thus, the main stakeholders are the members nations as well as the JA offices. The numbers and activities following can be understood as proof of the successful work we have been doing for the past and especially the last year. The final product of it are the 36 participating nations and more than a hundred national and international events.

Leadership is providing inspiration and vision, then developing and empowering others to achieve this vision
— Marshall Goldsmith

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Communications Overview

Date: 25th July 2018

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A look at our member nations


JA Alumni Europe is all about international and national events.

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National Coordinators Meeting


 Ferd's List


Amcham Youth EntrepreneurShip Award


JA Alumni Conference


Leadership Awards


...and many more events

A JA Alumni Honoris year to remember.

A message from JA Alumni Honoris Chairman

What an exciting year for JA Alumni Honoris! From our meetings in Brussels and Prague, to making part of “FERD” and “Forbes 30 under 30” lists, the Honoris Group has had a great 2017. We’ve welcomed new members and even had a Yoga Retreat in Estonia – not to mention the Alumni 100 Committee that is still working hard to make the centennial celebrations a hit.

The Honoris Group has always wanted to bring together former active Junior Achievement Alumni members who have achieved something extraordinary whether in the field of entrepreneurship, business or within the JA Alumni network. Above all, we want to bring back or maintaining members involved, containing the knowledge inside the network – especially of those who have been deeply involved for a large number of years, who can add outstanding value and/or who can represent the network the highest level.

That being said, 2017 showed that we have three large ideals/values inside the network – note that many members share common characteristics to the three:

  • Deeply involved: these members know the network from the inside out. They have been around for many years, can share experiences, provide feedback from successful or unsuccessful initiatives or ideas, they can build the bridge from the newest members to the oldest.

  • Outstanding value: this group, due to the personal and professional success, can add value to the network by providing invaluable knowledge, mentoring to the youngest and support to the network on many levels - speakers, moderators, facilitators, mentors, coaches, inspirational, and much more.

  • Representing the network: these members are able to represent the Alumni Europe at the highest level, due to their skills, connections, networks, etc. These are the ones who can act as speakers at international events, who can lobby for the Alumni network at the highest levels, who can represent the network at its best.

Keep in mind that the main goal behind Honoris is to keep people close to each other, foment networking and learn and improve ourselves as human beings. We’re actually just creating an excuse to keep the most experienced ones engaged with the network and set role models for the younger ones.

We’ve started improving our communication and presence at Alumni Europe’s events and soon we want to start cooperating at a National Level with the leaders in each country, so stay tuned for 2018!

Ricardo Martins Costa
Chairman JA Alumni Honoris

Financially sustainable thanks to strong partnerships.


Previous surplus
2.578,63 € 

JA Europe
12.000,00 € 

7.500,00 € 

3.000,00 € 

25.078,63 €


20.736,83 €

381,40 € 

21.118,23 €


3.960,40 €


Additional Comments

The financial surplus will be used in the upcoming year, especially for the JA Alumni Conference 2019, which will take place in Vienna and host over 400 JA alumni and guests from all over the world.

A huge "Thank You" To all our Partners And Organizations which makes all of this possible!