Survey: Why Europe Matters

Summer Camp in Denmark, Conference in Czech Republic, Alumni Getaway in Portugal, Coordinators Meeting in Austria...our dear network is not only defined by our passion for entrepreneurship but also by cross-border partnerships, friendships and this great feeling you get when sharing knowledge with other Alumni from other countries of the continent.

So why not show the world what this Europe means to us young people?

With their survey "Why Europe matters", JA Europe and the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) are aiming to get the opinions of 10,000 youngsters about why Europe is so important to them. As JA Europe's CEO Caroline Jenner is explaining in her blog post, those answers about [our] "vision, concerns, and ideas about Europe" can be so helpful to effect the change young people wish to see in the future. 

Let's all help with our opinion that matters by taking part in the survey (which actually even comes in different languages!) and don't miss your chance to win a ticket to next year's Conference in Tallinn!

Do not forget to complete the form until 15 November and check the webpage for more info!