National Coordinators Meeting Review

The Fall National Coordinators Meeting gathered in Vienna the European Board and representatives of JA Alumni Europe nations. The meeting happened during three intensive days which released concrete results and established future steps for the European board and each nation.

The NCM started with the presentation of the European Board. In order to achieve the overall strategy goals, key projects to come were introduced to the nations. Gather, our global alumni community, could not miss and was part of the NCM. Nations have their implementation plans and goal setting frameworks they keep working on and updating.

Gather, our global alumni community, could not miss and was part of the NCM

The EB Coaching Session was dedicated to all applying and Bronze Nations. They made timelines of their journeys, reflecting on their beginnings, present and future. This helped the nations to evaluate their work till now and to predict the future, based on actions they plan to take. Silver and gold nations got attention during the Senior Session. We appreciate the work of senior alumni and guard it as our valuable asset to keep close in the future. For us it is important to share and help each other. During the NCM, countries did also display their strengths and weaknesses and matched them, in order to create new opportunists and prevent threats. By sharing advice, communicating and thinking outside of the box, nations supported each other. This way they strengthened the cooperation between them, to make improvements and generate new ideas.

The National Coordinators Meeting was the precedent of other national and international events. The European Board is working to keep the quality of events and improve it.