Countdown to FERD's List nominations' deadline

Every year FERD’s List is the number one event that gathers to celebrate the outstanding results all young people have achieved in their lives after the JA experience.
‌Up until April 15th you can nominate inspiring young entrepreneurs and leaders who have been part of JA programs. FERD's List is looking for the brightest of them all and the ones that are transforming their potential for a greater value for the society.
This year FERD's List will be celebrated at the JA Alumni Global Conference in Vienna.

You can have a look on the last year's FERD's List celebration here


The CRITERIA that the nominee for the FERD's list should fulfill are listed below:

- Participated in a Junior Achievement company program (or equivalent)
- Outstanding young entrepreneur and/or leader aged 25 to 45
- Change-maker, innovator
- Evidence of a growing business or organization
- Contribution to value creation
- Driven by a desire to succeed and to give back at the same time; exemplary leaders and role models for others
- Trustworthy, passionate, high integrity, strong communicators, good listeners, vision, grateful to their team, positive

FERD’s List is an initiative of JA Europe and made for JA Alumni, in order to spread their work and commitment. Thank you FERD and JA Europe!

Hurry up and NOMINATE Alumni that are making a difference in the world with their work today.

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