JA Global Alumni Conference

400 alumni from all worldwide regions gathered in Vienna for the long-awaited first ever JA Global Alumni Conference. Everybody was thrilled by the contagious JA spirit, spreading all over the main location JA Village.

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The Austrian Team welcomed all participants with a traditional Austrian dinner and offered all so called JA Village Citizens a touch of the Austrian culture.

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The conference days were filled with many inspiring sessions. The first day was focused on “Communication”, the second on “Innovation” and the third and last day at JA Village on “Risk-taking”. Keynote speakers, panel discussions, company visits, masterclasses and startup pitches have covered a variety of topics inspired by entrepreneurship and leadership, encouraging the attendees to work together, be more motivated to keep on working on their ideas and build an entrepreneurial mindset.

It’s not a joke when they say that being part of this network changes lives. I learned so much from the keynote speakers, people who pitched on stage and everyone that I met during those days in Vienna. I’m more inspired for the future, clear on things I want to achieve and overall just got the kick-off I needed as a person.

A very inspiring and important part of agenda was the annual ceremony of FERD's List. Eleven honourees reminisced their JA experience and shared advises for all the alumni as potential future entrepreneurs.

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Each night was closed in the designated networking area of JA Village, Gather Garden. Live music, drinks and more all set in the beautiful green gardens of Prater set a one of a kind atmosphere.

And than you realize it was an amazing experience from the moment you get back home and miss every moment of those 4 intensive days in Vienna with extraordinary people and their inspiring life stories.

The attendees came together at a very special closing ceremony and gala night to conclude the conference and celebrate the 100th Birthday of JA.

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