Meet the winners of COYC19

A few weeks ago we were curious about the finals of the Company Competition 2019 organized in Lille, France. Young entrepreneurs from all over Europe presented their companies and competed with each other. Even though they all fascinated the jury, The third prize went to Farm Animal Trade from Italy, the second went to Brand ÕF from Estonia and the first prize went to Entella Company from Turkey. Today we want to share more about the winning team and how they overcame the challenges to win the first place. What made it more special, in a competition full of great ideas?

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1. What does your company offer and how did you get the idea?

Water pollution is a life-threatening problem that has endangered the life of many living creatures and has consequently created health problems all around the world. Every year, 8 million tonnes of waste is thrown into the sea. If this continues the amount of waste will be greater than the number of living creatures in the ocean by 2050. That’s why we produced Mareen. We wanted to find a solution to this huge problem that will help clean seas, oceans and other water sources. So our company offers a solution to clean the water.

2. What are the core values of Entella?

We believe humans share the ecosystem with other living creatures, rather than being the center of it. So we believe that humans shouldn’t pollute the environment. Unfortunately, especially in the last recent years the environment is getting more and more polluted. This is causing the balance of the ecosystem to shift. For example, sea creatures are eating plastics that are thrown into the seas by humans and endanger their life. That’s why our aim is to make products that help create innovative and sustainable solutions to the environment. We don’t want other living creature to get hurt anymore, especially not because of the mindless behavior of humans. While we are contributing in cleaning the sea, we want Turkey to become a country that prevents environmental pollution and acts as an example to other countries.

3. Did you achieved the goals you set while establishing the company?

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Our primary goal was to make products that help create innovative and sustainable solutions. With our product Mareen, a circulation is created on the sea level and the waste are pulled inside. So the waste that is harmful for the living creatures gets gathered inside of Mareen. So far, with producing a product that is helpful for the environment by creating a solution to the water pollution we have achieved one of our goals. But we are not done yet. We want our product to be used worldwide and reach more people and companies. This would create the change we want to achieve. During this experience, we understood how to form a company, how to work as a team, and the importance of raising awareness to make a change in the world. We learned to become ego-less people who want to find solutions to the worldwide problems. Right now, our next goal is to become a real company, to continue the hard-work and make a difference.

4. Does the enthusiasm from the beginning carry on?

Yes, it does. Actually it is the main thing that brought us at this point. If we wouldn’t have the enthusiasm with us during the whole journey, after a point we would get tired and stop fighting to become winners. This didn’t happen because of our passion and our belief in ourselves and in our product. First of all, we are ready to face every challenge, in order to be able to achieve our goals. We never give up even when we fail, because we know we can succeed. As a team of 10 people that always support each other, we can overcome every hardship. We also have support from our teachers and our families. But most importantly we all trusted in Mareen. Our product’s capacity to clean the seas ha a positive impact on the environment. With this support and trust we never lost our enthusiasm.

5. What is the best thing you have learned in this experience?

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This journey taught us that changing the world is a hard task but can happen if you are a committed social entrepreneur. Responding to mistakes is what counts and helps us to grow. We learned how to form a company, how to network and pursue our goals. Most importantly we understood that with hard-work and passion, you can achieve anything you want.

6. Will Entella continue forward?

Being a sustainable company is a real hard-work. If a company has a clear vision, it always continues forward. Our vision is to become a company that prevents environmental pollution and to set an example to the others. In addition, we have lots of future plans for our product, our company, our country and also the world. Companies with plans for the future must continue to develop and grow.

7. Describe your JA experience with 3 word?

Hard-work, team-work, belief. For us, these are also the key of being a successful entrepreneur.

8. Any advice for your fellows that plan to be engaged in the company program?

There's just one thing that we said from the beginning: It is hard-work. If you achieve to feel team power in every conditions, nothing inhibits your success. Selfishness can destroy hard-work. Do not also forget that everything won’t be always fine. In these situations be mature and stay positive.