Meet Ákos, co-founder of JA Alumni Hungary

This time we want to introduce to you Ákos Baumgartner. He should be praised for his commitment towards co-founding JA Alumni Hungary. The latter is the newest JA Alumni network in Europe, to whom we wish prosperity and tons of successes. Ákos is passionate, adventurous and constantly on the move, trying to experience as much as he can and seizing the day at its best. We asked him some questions, in order to reveal more about him as Ákos and as the co-founder of JAAH.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself Ákos.

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I am the person, who is always looking for the next adventure, the next project, the next possible achievement; therefore, I am constantly on the move, try to experience as much as I can and seize the day at its best. I am a serious planner with my professional life, and I try to be a spontaneous person with my non-professional one. Regardless of what I do, I do it with passion, which passion and engagement help me deliver the best of me and which help me achieve as much as I can, which achievements can be part of my International Relations studies, can be my work at Junior Achievement Alumni Hungary, can mean being a good person, or can be the passion I feel for Latin dances. I love arts, especially theatre has a special place in my heart, slow dinners with meaningful conversations with friends, and travelling to an unknown destination from where I return home with new points of views that shape my own.

2. How did you start your journey with JA? When was the moment you decided to found JA Alumni Hungary? Why?

I participated in the Student Company program in the academic year 2013-2014 with my high school classmates. Our company, C4M – Company for Music, of which I was the Head of Communication, won the Hungarian Company of the Year competition, hence we could represent Hungary and my high school at the European Final which was in Tallinn in 2014. My first Tallinn experience changed my life and I was mesmerized by the passion and vibe of Junior Achievement. Three years had to pass to get back to JA when I heard about JA Alumni for the first time. The European Alumni had just had the conference in Prague and announced its next venue which was Tallinn, the city, where my international JA experience began. Since we had no Alumni network in Hungary, I decided to establish it. Then I got the opportunity to represent Hungary at the very first JA Global Youth Forum in Mexico which was the time of my life. Parallel with our constant hard and engaged work to the establishment process, I participated at the JA Alumni Europe Conference in Tallinn. Both conferences proved, that JA is the platform where through our international network of committed and passionate alumni we can make a change to make our societies and communities better. JA Alumni Hungary was finally established in late 2018, and ever since the amazing team of JA Alumni Hungary is working on making this change in Hungary.

It was happiness itself with the highest level of engagement to entrepreneurship.

3. Which is the most unforgettable experience you had that is somehow linked with JA?

I have three moments which changed my life and will be with me throughout it. The first one was the CoY 2014 in Tallinn. At the age of 16, I got the best vibes from JA that I could get as I am still in the flow of JA. The second one, the most vibrant one, the one, which will always make me smile and happy was the Global Youth Forum in Mexico 2018. The GYF is indescribable. It was happiness itself with the highest level of engagement to entrepreneurship. It was an open, tolerant, inclusive forum of hundreds of amazing people who brought me new perspectives and who will be always mean something special to me. Lastly, the moment, when I actually understood that we had established JA Alumni Hungary and when I understood that I had an NGO on my name. That moment was the beginning of something very good and was shivering and uplifting at the same time.

4. How is everything going with JAAH? Where do you see your local network going in the near future?

JAAH is a legal entity by now, it’s real and is operating after a long period of working on its establishment. Since I am studying in the United Kingdom this year, I cannot be always present at JAAH’s events. Without JAAH’s amazing team, without its engagement and help that I would like to thank again, JAAH would not be as amazing, promising, and prospering as it is now. We had our first launching event in January, the first prize by JAAH was given to a student company at Futuregen Business Day on the 23 March. From June, JAAH is going to boom by which it can give back the most to its community. I feel optimism and I see just bright future when we are planning our next operative period.

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