Unleash your Potential!

Call for applications: Join the board of JA Alumni Europe & unleash your potential!

Do you want to bring JA Alumni Europe to a next level? Is JA Alumni Europe in your eyes not only a European wide network, but also a family? Have you gained first experience by volunteering for one of our member organizations?

Below you will find all job descriptions including a short video about the main tasks of each board member. Stay tuned for more videos introducing all positions in detail!

Want to know more about what each position is all about?👇🏻

President 💪🏻

  • Ensure the collaboration within the European board

  • Maintain the structure of the organization

  • Be the face and voice of the organization

  • Lead the alumni leadership award

  • Facilitate the creation of the annual report in collaboration the communication manager.

  • Provide the team with the resources needed to reach the goals of the organization.

  • In charge (with secretary and vice president) of the budget

  • Represent JA Alumni Europe to JA Europe and keep in regular contact

  • Together with the vice president set a strategy and action plan for the year, and follow though following milestones.

  • Keep and improve relations with stakeholders

Vice President 🔥

  • Strategic Planning & Milestone setting

  • Acquiring partnerships & establishing sponsorships

  • Co-leadership of the Board (target setting, timeline)

  • Outward representation of JA Alumni Europe (together with President)

  • Bringing excitement, innovation and happiness to the whole network!

Operations Manager 🎯

  • Giving weekly and monthly updates

  • Maintain Podio structure

  • Minutes from NCM and Board Meetings

  • Structure meetings and create meeting summaries

  • Reminders for the board

  • Economy and invoices

  • General helping hand for the president and the rest of the board

  • General operations tasks

Communications Manager 📣

  • Lead the JA Alumni Europe Communications Team (graphic designer, content manager, social media manager and video producer)

  • Social media: create strategy and updating

  • Web content: update and maintain the website

  • Creating content for annual report

  • Branding (corporate identity)

  • CI implementation and logo implementation

Event Manager 🇪🇺

  • Manage all european events and the exchange of event ideas and invites to all member countries

Growth Manager 🤟🏼

  • Continues improvement of the starter kit

  • Develop the onboarding road map

  • Identify and help protentional new countries be part of the network.

Development Manager 🚀

  • Defining development strategies for Bronze, Silver and Gold Nations

  • Defining new KPIs for member countries and the whole European network

  • Recreating the Data tracking for member countries

  • Identifying opportunities for further development of the network