JA Alumni Honoris Year in a Nutshell

Honoris Meeting, Brussels 2017

At our internal meeting in Brussels, 27 members attended in order to discuss internal procedures and the 100 year anniversary initiatives.

  • Topics:

    • 100 anniversary planning

    • Internal rules


JA Alumni Conference, Prague 2017

Prague brought together Honoris, Alumni Europe and JA Worldwide through a range of meetings. It was also an opportunity to get closer to the younger audience and help several startups with their pitch, marketing options, sales strategy and much more. Prague’s conference also helped us understand better were we need to improve and how we can help on a Worldwide level.

  • Topics:

    • JA Worldwide

    • Nominations and fundraising


Honoris Yoga Retreat, Tallinn 2017

Mixing the entrepreneurial spirit with the passion for yoga, a group of Honoris created an interesting concept that allowed some Alumni to share experiences and the journey into yoga. The organizers were looking for a small, open-minded, friendly crowd… And who would be better than our Alumni Honoris?


Alumni 100 Committee

Following-up on the meeting in Stuttgart regarding the Alumni Plans for the JA Centennial Celebration, Honoris officially joined the JA committee, being represented by Ricardo Martins Costa and Mikko Jaatinen.


FERD’s List

With the nomination of Boris Kolev (Managing Partner, Digimark) and Christian Erfurt (CEO, Be My Eyes), the Alumni Honoris are officially represented at the FERD’s List. The list is made by a European group of young and inspirational entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. FERD’S List identifies young people not only for what they have achieved, but celebrates the path that they are on; recognizing them for being in the moment where their potential is being transformed into greater value for society


Forbes 30 under 30

The widely-known Forbes list is not a stranger to the Honoris members. This year, it was time for Joonas Ahola (CEO, MeetingPackage) to make this distinguished list. Also relevant is the nomination of another good friend and alumni member, Bisman Deu on Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, due to her work on social entrepreneurship.


New Members

With a large nomination list, 2017 marked the entrance of 5 new Honoris members. We’re very proud to welcome:

  • Bernardo Pequito dos Santos, Portugal

  • Karoli Hindriks, Estonia

  • Linda Sonnichsen, Denmark

  • Malthe Ludvigsen, Denmark

  • Sara Tengvall Farsi, Sweden