JA Alumni Honoris intends to bring together former active JA Alumni members who have achieved something extraordinary whether in the field of entrepreneurship, business or within the JA Alumni network. This translates into three important milestones:

  • Bring its members closer to each other, having in mind the entrepreneurial spirit, personal development and network across borders
  • Improve the recognition of the JA Alumni brand and everyone associated with it
  • Give back and contribute to the JA Alumni network; while facilitating friendship, networking and fun

How to become a member of JA Alumni Honoris

Nominations take place once a year and several criteria have to be fulfilled in order to become a member. Potential members can introduce themselves to the group and request for an evaluation or can be spontaneously nominated by an official member.

To become officially nominated for peer-approval, the potential members need to fulfill 3 out of 5 of the following criteria:

  • Willingness to contribute and give back to the JA Alumni network (mandatory)
  • Nominated by one Honoris member with a minimum of two recommendations given by other Honoris members from different countries (mandatory)
  • Founder or active member of the national or European alumni network, having accomplished significant milestones or established profound positive changes to the network
  • Supported the European network throughout the years (e.g. as sponsor, speaker, advisor or represented Alumni Europe for a significant amount of years in a wide variety of events around the world)
  • Successful entrepreneurial-minded business person or business owner with a significant impact



Ricardo Martins Costa
Chairman JA Alumni Honoris