Being a member of JA Alumni Europe does not include a membership in your national alumni organisation. You will find all our member nations following.

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As a former Junior Achievement Company Programme participant you will have the chance of becoming part of JA Alumni Europe – a network of opportunities.

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Is there any membership fee?

You don't have to pay anything for the basic membership of JA Alumni Europe. But please keep in mind: this does not include the membership in your national JA Alumni organization!

What are the benefits of joining the JA Alumni Europe network?

As a member of JA Alumni Europe you can participate in every event organized by us, for instance the annual JA Alumni Conference or, if you are a national leader, go to the two National Coordinators Meetings per year. Furthermore, you will get the our newsletter called Flying High, have access to the JA:Magazin and to the free version of the new Gather platform – this is still in progress, but you will hear from us!