JA Alumni Europe Leadership Award: Jury Application 

Do you or someone in you network want to be a jury member for one of our Alumni Leadership Award’s? We are thrilled to announce that we can offer one spot for each of the events to an active Alumni.

These positions are only open for all active Alumni members from GOLD AND SILVER NATIONS. Travel (up to €200) and accommodation expenses will be covered. The selection of the jury member will be done by JA Alumni Europe's European Board.

“The Alumni Leadership Award is an award given out to individuals, who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, which impacts their team and the mini company. Furthermore, these leaders have a role model, motivation as well as team player function and have grown throughout the company program. The winners of the Alumni Leadership Award exemplify young leaders with remarkable leading skills.”

Application Deadline is: April, 27th 2018

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You must be member of a JA Alumni Europe SILVER or GOLD Nation to apply for this role!
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