what is the alumni legacy?

JA Alumni Honoris is fundraising at least €50K until August 2019, where JA Global Alumni Conference will take place in Vienna, for JA Worldwide’s Future Fund (endowment). The endowment is a donation of cash, stock, or property that is restricted and invested in away to protect the corpus—or principal—of the fund. While the corpus remains untouched for perpetuity, JA Worldwide will receive a 5% payout annually of unrestricted funding to support our JA alumni.


Why should you support the Alumni Legacy?


With your donation, you’ll ensure that JA will be able to grow sustainably, and that the JA mission can continue for the next 100 years.


Only with JA are there JA alumni! Leave a JA alumni legacy which will endure. 5% p.a. of the endowment will support our JA alumni globally.


Also, once €50K is reached, JA Worldwide will double the donation amount and allocate it to alumni activities from the annual budget.


Additionally, JA Worldwide will allocate a board seat in the prestigious Global Board of Governors for a JA alumnus.