Step 1: Getting Started

To do checklist

  1. Learn about the network
  2. Get contact with JA Alumni europe and your local JA office

  3. Build a team of 2-5 amazing people with Alumni spirit

  4. Get added to communications tools (Facebook and Slack)

Approx. Timeline: 1-2 months


  • Find people with the right spirit

  • Ask for help (sometimes before you need it)

  • Keep an open line of communication

  • Start small


  • Get overwhelmed by the first look at the JA alumni

  • Try to do it all at once

  • Do it all on your own

Step 2: Meeting your local JA office


  1. Get to know each other
  2. Present JA Alumni (what is it, how does it work)

    • Q&A from JA

  3. Present a strategy plan

  4. Present a budget

  5. Present an event calendar

Checklist: before the meeting

  • Contact your JA office to present yourself and agree upon a date for the meeting (see template)

  • Create an agenda for the meeting (see above)

  • Create a three year strategy plan (template)

  • Create one year event calendar

Checklist: after the meeting

  • E-mail the JA office with the minutes from the meeting

  • Agreement with the JA office (template)

  • Follow up on the meeting


  • Show up prepared and positiv to meetings.

  • Keep an open mind

  • Understand the interest of the parties involved

  • Arm yourself with patience


  • Try to rush the process

  • Focus on what you can get but what you will give (Alumni network, volunteering.. eg)

  • Believe that you can do this without the JA office

Step 3: Create an identity


  • Get to know the JA Alumni Europe branding guidelines and stick to them
  • Contact our Communications Manager to create a name and a logo

  • Create an online presence

    • Website (recommended tool: Squarespace)

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • Others (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

  • Create a powerpoint about you and your members

Approx. Timeline: 2-4 Weeks


  • Stick to our branding guidelines
  • Save time by using the templates

  • Show the extent of the network, both nationally and internationally.


  • Start more online platforms then you can handle (one at a time)

Step 4: Recruit your first members


  • Agree with the local JA office to have a stand at the national trade fair / the national finals

  • Create rollups and flyers and prepare a presentation

  • Plan your presence at the event

    • Attention: be visible

    • Interest: draw people in

    • Desire: present your network

    • Action: easy sign up sheet

Approx. Timeline: 2-3 months


  • Know your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Prepare some key point for promoting your network (elevator pitch)

  • Have a “Give away” (e.g. picture with #JAAlumniCountry)

  • Have a planned "follow-up" event after successful recruitment


  • Staying passive at the trade fair / the national finals

  • Be activating, but never aggressive!

Step 5: Kickstart your activities


  • Have a brainstorming session about possible events
  • Find suitable locations for each event format

  • Invite members and interested people

  • Promote your event via e-mail (recommended tool: Mailchimp) and social media

  • Promote your network by having high-quality events

Approx. Timeline: 2-3 months


  • Leverage the knowledge from other countries (e.g. by attending the National Coordinator Meetings)

  • Be consistent with you promotion

  • Have a personal follow up


  • Change things last minute

  • Go too big at the beginning