Step 2: Meeting your local JA office


  1. Get to know each other
  2. Present JA Alumni (what is it, how does it work)

    • Q&A from JA

  3. Present a strategy plan

  4. Present a budget

  5. Present an event calendar

Checklist: before the meeting

  • Contact your JA office to present yourself and agree upon a date for the meeting (see template)

  • Create an agenda for the meeting (see above)

  • Create a three year strategy plan (template)

  • Create one year event calendar

Checklist: after the meeting

  • E-mail the JA office with the minutes from the meeting

  • Agreement with the JA office (template)

  • Follow up on the meeting


  • Show up prepared and positiv to meetings.

  • Keep an open mind

  • Understand the interest of the parties involved

  • Arm yourself with patience


  • Try to rush the process

  • Focus on what you can get but what you will give (Alumni network, volunteering.. eg)

  • Believe that you can do this without the JA office