A JA Alumni Honoris year to remember.

A message from JA Alumni Honoris Chairman

What an exciting year for JA Alumni Honoris! From our meetings in Brussels and Prague, to making part of “FERD” and “Forbes 30 under 30” lists, the Honoris Group has had a great 2017. We’ve welcomed new members and even had a Yoga Retreat in Estonia – not to mention the Alumni 100 Committee that is still working hard to make the centennial celebrations a hit.

The Honoris Group has always wanted to bring together former active Junior Achievement Alumni members who have achieved something extraordinary whether in the field of entrepreneurship, business or within the JA Alumni network. Above all, we want to bring back or maintaining members involved, containing the knowledge inside the network – especially of those who have been deeply involved for a large number of years, who can add outstanding value and/or who can represent the network the highest level.

That being said, 2017 showed that we have three large ideals/values inside the network – note that many members share common characteristics to the three:

  • Deeply involved: these members know the network from the inside out. They have been around for many years, can share experiences, provide feedback from successful or unsuccessful initiatives or ideas, they can build the bridge from the newest members to the oldest.

  • Outstanding value: this group, due to the personal and professional success, can add value to the network by providing invaluable knowledge, mentoring to the youngest and support to the network on many levels - speakers, moderators, facilitators, mentors, coaches, inspirational, and much more.

  • Representing the network: these members are able to represent the Alumni Europe at the highest level, due to their skills, connections, networks, etc. These are the ones who can act as speakers at international events, who can lobby for the Alumni network at the highest levels, who can represent the network at its best.

Keep in mind that the main goal behind Honoris is to keep people close to each other, foment networking and learn and improve ourselves as human beings. We’re actually just creating an excuse to keep the most experienced ones engaged with the network and set role models for the younger ones.

We’ve started improving our communication and presence at Alumni Europe’s events and soon we want to start cooperating at a National Level with the leaders in each country, so stay tuned for 2018!

Ricardo Martins Costa
Chairman JA Alumni Honoris