Sarah Rapp


Dear readers,

welcome to our online annual report, which showcases the highlights of period 2017/2018 - our 15th year of existence. Being a strong network of outstanding individuals, it is challenging to constantly improve. Yet, this year has been undoubtedly one of the strongest JA Alumni Europe has ever experienced - both internally and externally.

Internally, we clarified our vision and built a strategy which will help us to make our long term goals happen. We deeply focused on our “customers” - members - by exploring their wants and needs, we aimed to understand them better and leverage this knowledge in order to provide our member base with even better value. 

Looking at our network from outside, we have expanded into several new countries, organised numerous events and created thousands of hours of meaningful content for our members, so they could be even better. We are super proud that we are getting more and more interconnected with JA on national level; the strong presence of JA representatives at our main events is just one example of this. 

Furthermore, we play a key role in establishing JA Alumni networks worldwide. JA is turning 100 years in 2019 and we privileged to host the first global JA Alumni conference ever, which will bring together hundreds of JA alumni from all the JA regions. In order to foster the network as a whole, we are cooperation with JA worldwide on bringing Gather to life.

In September, my four-year long wonderful journey with the European Board ends, however my JA story does not end here - I will pursuit new challenges as part of the JA Worldwide team. Nevertheless, the network will be managed by an exceptional leader - Donald Aebi from Switzerland, who is breaking the period of eight years, when the network has been managed by women leaders. He has a great team, and together they are more than able to boost the entire network!

On behalf of the European Board

Sarah Rapp



About JA Europe

JA Europe is the largest non-profit in Europe dedicated to preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship. JA Europe is a member of JA Worldwide® which for 100 years has delivered hands on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy. JA creates pathways for employability, job creation and financial success. JA Alumni Europe is the official network of former JA students in Europe.

Each year, the JA network in Europe reaches more than 3.6 million young people across 40 countries with the support of 150,000 business volunteers and 115,000 teachers/educators.