The pillars guiding us, enabling sustainability across board periods.


We want to unite all former JA Programme participants across Europe, creating a network of outstanding individuals and enabling these to develop themselves.


Our mission is to provide former JA programme participants with further experience and opportunities, encourage them to strengthen their passion for entrepreneurship and build international networks of like-minded people.

  1. We respect and show our empathy towards others
  2. We are passionate in entrepreneurship and confident about our future
  3. We believe in the power of teamwork, being open-minded and knowledge sharing
  4. We are responsible leaders, committed and dedicated to achieve our goals
  5. We never stop learning, always curious and challenging ourselves to foster our personal development
  6. We are JA ambassadors and know the importance of entrepreneurial education



  • Enable JA offices and organizations to start-up an Alumni network
  • Increase recruitment of current and former, more senior JA Programme participants


  • Extend the ways we unite our members offline
  • Extend the ways we unite our members online


  • Clarify the value of being a member
  • Increase the value of being a member
  • Promote the value of being a member


  • No growth without quality
  • No unification without collaboration
  • No development without structure