It's more than just voluntary work, it's about being part of a family.

Sarah Rapp, President

"I could never imagine taking over such a big responsibility and working with so many different cultures and people. And now it just feels so natural to come to the event like we know each other, to walk on stage and talk about the first experience, but also give a workshop for others."

Matej Kaposvary, Vice-President

"If you are thinking whether to join European Board or not and if you maybe think that it's a bit scary or challenging, let's go and do it because I think we should do things we are a bit afraid about."

Donald Aebi, Communications Manager

"The interaction with European Board always helped me a lot. Every national coordinator meeting it was nice to see the others, it was a good exchange of knowledge and you also make friends there."

Love Dager, Events Manager

"It's not usual that someone in our age can work with events all over the whole continent and it's pretty cool that you get an experience like this."

Tereza Spišáková, development Manager

"It's really interesting that as European Board member you are able to touch topics you couldn't as youth employee in a large company. In this network, you are working on really huge topics like setting up the vision or creating the new strategy."

Mikkel Karulf, Growth Manager

"As a growth manager I had to try to understand the different countries with different status and cultural problems, which taught me a lot."


Emilie Bærulfsen, Operations Manager

"Being in the European Board is really something special. In the way of experiencing all the different facets of working in a business and not only focusing on one topic. It's an experience where you are constantly learning new things as well as meeting many nice new acquaintances."


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